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Resetting your Pure DAB radio

Resetting your Pure DAB radio

All Pure products give you the option of being able to return the product to its original factory settings by performing a 'Factory Reset'. As well as being useful for fully re-tuning the radio, a reset effectively 're-boots' the product's operating system which removes any user settings and can often resolve any anomalies found.

 Note: This FAQ is only relevant to Pure DAB radios. If you have a Pure internet radio then follow the instructions found here:

Please be aware that all user settings such as presets and timer/alarm settings are lost when performing a factory reset.

Instructions for resetting your PureE DAB radio

Ensure the aerial is fully extended and press and hold the 'Info', 'Setup' or 'Menu' button (depending on your radio model) for around 3 seconds. You will see a message appear on the radio screen saying something along the lines of 'Press Tune to confirm reset...' (on some models you may need to turn the 'Tune' dial to 'Factory Reset')

Confirm the reset by pushing the Tune or Select dial in to confirm. You'll know you've done it right because the the radio will switch itself off and on again.

The radio will now perform an autotune and detect all DAB stations in range of it.

Congratulations, you have now performed a factory reset on your Pure radio.